Kitty Cats and Kitsch

Internet-famous cat Cupcake has been catnapped, and the only one who witnessed the crime is tabby Noodle.

Cupcake’s the main attraction at his person Rosamund’s trinket shop, and she’s reluctant to let people know he’s gone. But Noodle’s interested in being an only cat, and not even the best treats can persuade her to work with Persephone.

Which means I’ll have to rely on the humans to help us crack this case.

Rosamund wants us to check out her ex and an old high school frenemy who’s become a witch. But Rosamund’s brother, who owns the themed motor inn we’re staying at, doesn’t like newcomers who ask too many questions. Neither does the police officer who’s looking to become famous himself.

Ransom notes are coming in, and I think that’s our ticket to finding the catnapper. But when the notes start coming addressed to Persephone, I have a bad feeling we’ve been set up…

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