Guard Dogs and Guitars

I never thought I’d be half of a crime-solving duo…working with a famous, talking cat.

Country legend Benson Bridges is missing a rare guitar that he’s used to write four decades worth of hit songs. Duke, his old hound dog, is the only one who witnessed the crime.

That’s where Persephone and I come in.

Now we’re on our way to Nashville to find the guitar. I’m a little—make that a lot—nervous about calling myself a professional crime solver. Included in my list of suspects are an obsessed fan, a hotshot singer looking to blaze his own path, and a disgruntled ex-nanny. But this unlikely crew might turn out to be my secret weapons.

Because Duke doesn’t like newcomers so much. He’s set in his ways, just like his human dad. Persephone and I think the old hound might be protecting the thief.

Losing the guitar could end Benson’s career, but finding it might cost him so much more…

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